How do We Choose Fruit and Veggie Varieties

working through the main seed order for 2011

Planning seed orders for the 2011 growing season

Choosing seed and plant varieties is one of the most fun, and challenging, and frustrating, activities for most gardeners, and the same is true here at Hole in the Woods.  Several people have asked how we actually go about making our choices, and it’s really embedded in our whole farm philosophy. So, it seems a good topic to expound upon.  

Choosing fruit and veggie varieties is extremely important for any agricultural venture, be it a small potted garden on an inner-city balcony, or a large farm growing 100,000 acres of wheat out in the great plains. Every variety that has ever been developed has somethinggoing for it – great flavor, a different ripening time than others, easy transportation, very high yield, pest resistance, familiar or unfamiliar appearance, a great name, availability at the big-box-store seed display…  Something, at any rate. The way a particular grower prioritizes and values different traits will determine the choices he makes. Continue reading “How do We Choose Fruit and Veggie Varieties” »