New Family Members!

Two new alpacas we rescued in 5 March, 2011

The two new boys

Last night, we received two new family members - two more rescued alpacas.  These guys, both males, are between a year and a two and a half years old, but have never been named!  The fact that they haven’t been named is, I’m sure, related to why they needed to be rescued (a complicated story I won’t go into now).

Both have gorgeous fiber, though they will never achieve their full size because of their mistreatment.  But, as we are a fiber farm and not trying to breed show animals, they’ll fit in well with our herd. Don’t let the (very bad) photo fool you – they aren’t red.  That’s rust stains from where they were fostered for a couple of weeks before we got them.  One is white and fawn, and the other is white, which will help add a bit of diversity to our color selection.  They’re all wet and pathetic looking in the rain today, but I’ll try to post more photos soon, when the weather is more conducive.

So, we’re looking for names…  Like I said, they’re not really red, so no Viking suggestions like “Leif” or “Eric.” We do have two name candidates: “Lincoln” for the fawn one, because he has Abe Lincoln-esque lamb chops, and “Rooster” for the white, because he is very vocal, and his voice sounds like a young rooster learning to crow.  But, we want suggestions!  There may even be a prize (though we don’t know what yet…). 

So, please suggest names, either via comments here, or via our Facebook page.  I’ll post additional photos on facebook when the weather is better, to help spur your name-creativity.