Zucchini & Summer Squash

Zucchini bread.  Grilled summer squash.  Summer Stir fries.  Zucchini and summer squash provide the backbone of many July and August meals and snacks.


Costata Romanesca

An extremely flavorful zucchini, with a sweet, nutty flavor.  Green with deep ribs and speckled stripes.  Tender skin makes them great for baked good where they are shredded, no need to peel them, and no chewy bits.  It does make them difficult to transport, though, so you won’t likely find them in grocery stores.  Remain tender and tasty even when they get really large, so they’re a great choice for stuffed zucchini.

Golden Arrow

A replacement for our favorite yellow zucchini (Sun Gold, a hybrid so we couldn’t save seed, which succumbed to Monsanto’s business practices and now appears to be extinct).  Tender, bright yellow zucchini with a slender shape.  Great grilled or stir fried.

Summer Squash

Patty Pan – Sunburst

An attractive, golden-yellow patty pan squash that can survive the cooler temperatures as the summer winds down (assuming it survives the squash bugs), keeping you in summer squash later in the year!