Root Veggies

We grow a wide variety of root veggies, from carrots and radishes to turnips and rutabagas.  There is a vast assortment of delicious root vegetables available that the industrial farming system ignores.  If you only get your carrots from a grocery store, and have never had a parsnip harvested in December, you’ve been deprived!

Chioga Beets

Detroit Red Short Top Beets

Early Blood Turnip-Rooted Beets

Early Wonder Tall Top Beets

Touchstone Gold Beets

Purple Haze Carrots

Scarlet Nantes Carrots

Yellowstone Carrots

Summer Cross No. 3 Daikon Radish

Evergreen Hardy Green Onions (Scalions)

Lincoln Leeks

Bleu de Solaize Leeks

Copra Onions

Rosa Lunga di Tropea Onions

Cherry Belle Radishes

French Breakfast Radishes

Plum Purple Radishes

Round Black Spanish Radishes

White Icicle Radishes

Laurentian Rutabaga

Prisma Shallots