We’re famous for our peas, and rightly so! They’re the earliest direct-seeded crop we plant, some years as early as late February, so they exude optimism. Harvest begins in early June, and sometimes lasts until late July.  Peas provide both a great part of any meal and an outstanding, healthy, refreshing snack.

Edible Pod

Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas

An open pollinated snow pea from, logically enough, the University of Oregon.  Being very well adapted to our sandy soil, these are usually our most productive pea, with large, flat pods.  They are great on the grill or in stir fries!

Cascadia Sugar Snap Peas

One of our favorite garden snacks!  Best when they are plump and juicy, every part of our sugar snap peas is sweet and filled with the essence of green.  Eat them raw – no need to cook.  A small child at the market once opted to return her cookie for a refund so she could buy some of our Cascadia Sugar Snaps!

Shelling Peas

Green Arrow

An heirloom pea long favored by market gardeners.  Great flavor, good in stir fries or soups, and freezes well.  Easy to shell, usually with 8-10 peas per pod, so you get a lot of peas for your shelling time!