Eggplant is quite challenging to grow in our climate.  The growing season is just a bit too short for reliable production.  Nonetheless, we’ve carefully selected a few varieties that usually get us a couple of fruits.  In the great drought of 2012, the hot temperatures actually gave us a fairly sizable harvest of eggplant that the market devoured readily.


An Italian eggplant in the classic eggplant shape.  Mild flavor with a custard-like texture when cooked, good sized fruit and an early enough producer that we usually get a couple of 1 lb eggplant before cold ends the season.


A non-bitter, pear-shaped heirloom eggplant.  Midsized fruit when grown to maturity, though we often harvest at the baby sized.  Beautiful pink-lavender skin, sweet, tender white flesh.


An Asian, banana-shaped purple/black early producing eggplant.  No bitterness in these little eggplant.

Pingtung Long

A long Chineese eggplant.  Great for sliced eggplant, as you get a large number of uniform-sized slices.  Light purple color is unique and very attractive, though it gets darker if allowed to grow to full maturity (about 11″ long).  We usually harvest in the light purple stage for better visual appeal.  Sweet flavor loved by even those who normally don’t prefer eggplant.