The Brassica crops, those in the genus Brassicaceae, are remarkable in their diversity.  There are more important agricultural and horticultural crops among the brassicas than in any other genus.  And they come in a remarkable range of forms, shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors.

Many brassicas have similar growing requirements, so we grow them together in our crop rotation.  We also grow some members of the brassica family with the root veggies, and others with the salad greens, and you can find them on those pages.

Brassicas tend to be challenging for us to grow, because many require high levels of boron in the soil.  Our soil is naturally extremely low in boron, and any we add disperses through the soil strata, as well as harvested crops, fairly quickly.  As time goes by, though, and we improve our soil, our boron levels are improving, as are the yields and quality of our brassicas.

Fiesta Broccoli

Tipoff Romaneso

Gustus Brussels Sprouts

Graffiti Purple Cauliflower

Snow Crown Cauliflower

Flowering Cabbage (ornamental)

Gonzales Green Cabbage

Gunma Green Cabbage

Ruby Perfection Red Cabbage


Kolibri Kohlrabi

Gigante Kohlrabi