Hole in the Woods Farm focuses on providing a wide variety of healthy, Certified Naturally Grown, local food.  We focus on food that is as healthy and flavorful as possible, even at the expense of easy production, while protecting the local environment, and improving the health of our soil.  We work hard to maintain genetic diversity, both on our farm and throughout the planet.  To that end, the vast majority of our produce consists of open-pollinated, heirloom varieties, including many from the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Items selected for the Ark of Taste in danger of becoming extinct due to industrial production standards, distribution regulations, or environmental damage, yet are known for their outstanding flavor, and are often historically or culturally linked to important food traditions.

Icon of Slow Food USAHere is a partial list of some of the produce we grow, with a growing number linked to descriptions of the varieties we offer.  Items with the Slow Food Snail are on the Ark of Taste.  Click the snail to visit their description at SlowFood.