Website Construction

Our website has been stagnant for quite a while, and that’s finally changing!

Our initial website “design” was really a crutch.  Something to throw up to answer the needs of our customers, friends, CSA members, etc.  However, the main goal at the time was expediency.  I chose to forego much intentional thought on the design, and even ignored some of my beliefs on good website development in favor of getting something up quickly.

In my defense, in my previous life I did a lot of web development.  Well, my job was mostly developing middleware – the layer of software that communicated with databases and other sources of data to generate dynamic websites.  It was pretty high-end stuff at the time.  Now, it’s fairly commonplace.  Anyway, I worked in various teams, and someone else always was in charge of design, I just made the design work.

I left that world, and, frankly, it’s amazing how quickly those skills can atrophy.  It’s only been 7 years since I was making my living primarily by slinging code, and now simply managing some of the common CSS tricks takes considerable digging and cobweb clearing.  And, I no longer have a proper development environment, including a staging server where I can can quickly trial changes in code with live data.

All of which is a long way of saying….

Website Changes coming soon

and please forgive some dust!  I’m creating my own WordPress theme, and will use WordPress to generate the entire Hole in the Woods Farm website once I’m finished.  This will allow easier management of site navigation and changes to the layout and design.

This creates more up-front work now, but should make it easier to maintain the website in the future.  Since the farm evolves rapidly, I hope this will allow the website to come close to keeping up.

In the meantime, you may see some odd elements on the current website, mostly in the blog.  Because I lack a staging server, I’m creating the new design using the “live” database, which currently serves the blog.  The old design doesn’t “understand” some of the data which is used in the new design, so you might see some odd things popping up here and there.  Kindly ignore them!

Once I get the layout working, I’ll convert the website to the new, dynamically-generated version.  Many of the pages will disappear, but most will return, newly updated.  I’ve decided that migration path makes more sense than keeping the old site up until I’ve migrated all of the pages, since most of them are horribly out-of-date anyway.

I’ll also be adding some new content.  In particular, I hope to add a section discussing the types of produce we are growing, linked to an ever-expanding recipe section.  With this, folks will be able to look up info on what kinds of produce, and which specific varieties, we are growing, as well as ways to use those ingredients, in a nifty cross-referenced manner.

The final “gotcha”: permalinks for the blog will be changing.  I guess they’re not that permanent after all.  I could make the old permalinks continue to work, but as the blog is very low traffic anyway (except for comment spammers!), I don’t think it’s worth the effort to accommodate that.

Anyway, stay tuned!

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